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As a new feature to the FUSIONS website, a Members page has been added to give a Platform to all members to interact with each other. With this Platform, members will be seen as an authority which cares about food waste, and finding solutions to alleviate this staggering problem. Indeed, the FUSIONS Members page will allow you to exchange on different topics such as “Best Practices in food waste prevention”, “Social Innovation”, to name a few. It will also enable you to participate to FUSIONS consultations and to send your comments on ongoing FUSIONS deliverables.  In order to make full use of this additional feature, members will receive an email confirming their registration and log in details to the updated FUSIONS website. If they encounter any troubles while logging in, they should not hesitate to the contact the FUSIONS team.

In order to make the most of the Fusions Members Page, you can create forums which are aimed at stating, addressing and discussing any questions you might have about Food Waste.

If you want to respond to a topic that has already been proposed on the forum, simply click on the chosen topic, and select the icon “reply topic”.

If you want to introduce a new topic to the forum, you can do so by clicking on “New Topic”. Start by introducing yourself in the “Category” box, i.e. specifying the area of concern of your topic. To add more definition to your topic, please enter a subject title and if you want, an appropriate icon.

The body of the topic should go in the “message box” and if need be, you can attach files supporting your topic of discussion. To follow the responses that your post receives, you should check the “Subscribe” box. To complete the procedure, simply click on “Submit”.

As a first contribution to the Members page, we invite you to introduce yourselves.








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