FUSIONS Member LightBlue E.C. tackles food waste in the Hotel Industry

December 2, 2014

FUSIONS Member LightBlue E.C. implemented an innovative Food Waste Prevention Program at the Sofitel So Bangkok bewteen February and August 2014.

The Program included a full week of food waste audit, followed by various awareness raising workshops and targeted improvements in key areas that helped the hotel rescue 5635 kg of edible food coupled with substantial savings (Food Cost -2.29%).

Some of the actions included:reinforcing the strict labeling system, scrutiny of quality and temperature at receiving, increasing the number of deliveries, and staff awareness-raising campaigns at canteen, even among staff not working with food.Tighter portion control on the buffet were also implemented, together with additional live cooking stations and more food prepared on demand.Chefs and kitchen staff got guided to found creative opportunities for re-using food which had previously been thrown away.

“Within 5 to 10 years, most major hotel chains will understand the true cost of food wastage and will be controlling their #foodwaste much more carefully”, predicts Benjamin Lephilibert, Founder and MD of LightBlue E.C.

Find out more about the initiative and its actions here



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