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Food for Life: less waste, more quality and sustainability
Tuesday 13 October 2015
Location: Hotel NH Alberto Aguilera - 28015 Madrid, Spain
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NOSHAN project is about to end and we are celebrating it with the event “FOOD FOR LIFE: LESS WASTE, MORE QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY” that will focus on several ways to use food to improve our lives: the valorisation of side streams to produce safe feed thus reducing food waste, the promotion of traditional food production and use of minor cereals for a better food quality and the improvement of the food supply chain for human consumption. The discussion will bring together experts from research and industry from all around Europe to discuss such topics.







•Overview of projects outcomes and impacts: short presentations


•Networking session: possibility to explore further collaboration initiatives



•Parallel sessions of NOSHAN and TRADEIT: stakeholders short presentations, roundtable discussion about project exploitation opportunities.


•Key note speaker: IP management and Tech Transfer in R&D projects


The event is free. If you are interested, register here!


The programme updates will be published at






• NOSHAN: Sustainable production of Functional and Safe Feed from Food Waste


• FUSIONS: Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies


• REFRESH: Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain


• TRADEIT: support to traditional food producing SMEs in the Dairy, Meat and Bakery sectors through an ambitious programme of events and activites in nine regional TRADEIT Hubs across Europe.


• HEALTHY MINOR CEREALS: HMC grow well in poor soils or under low input conditions, and have retained far greater concentration of micronutrients that have been bred out of common wheat. They are hence valued highly by both producers and consumers of organic foods, and increasingly also by conventional farmers.


• SUNNIVA: development of a sustainable food system from production to consumption, addressing the entire food supply chain for the vegetables tomato and Brassica and their derived products.



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