FUSIONS awareness raising event in Budapest


The food waste revolution arrived at Budapest, where a coalition of 12 organisations came together to celebrate delicious solutions to food waste. Give Food a Chance (Esélyt az Ételnek Nap Budapest) took place on the eve of World Environment Day and aimed to highlight the fact that 99% of surplus food is currently wasted in Hungary.

On Wednesday 4th of June, a massive Disco chopping event facilitated cooking 5000 delicious lunches, showing that the solutions to food waste exist and urgently need to be adopted. Volunteers chopped over one tonne of fresh vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste.

This FUSIONS awareness raising event was carried out as a joint effort of the Amateur Royal Cooks, Feedback, Ministry of Agriculture, Municipality of Budapest, Food not Bombs Budapest, HUMUSZ, Culture Gorilla, Hungarian Foodbank Association, Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Foundation of Subjective Values, Association of Conscious Customers, and WWF Hungary.