FUSIONS Member Foodwe platform wins European Waste Reduction Week prize

Since September 2014, the online platform, Foodwe.org, has been providing professionals in the food industry the opportunity to offer and sell their unsold but safe-to-eat products online to charity organisations.

Foodwe platform won in May 2015 the European Waste Reduction Week prize in the NGO/association category. The theme of the 2014 edition was reducing food wastage.  A total of 12,000 projects from around Europe were realized to the 6th Waste Reduction Week.

In just a few months, Foodwe, has been able to offer over 25 tons of food to charity groups in Belgium. Food industry professionals can make donations but can also offer to sell at a maximum of 60% of retail price, safe-to-eat products which have not met their market: those too close to their sell-by date which means they cannot be stored, delivered, and then sold to the public, and those which were discarded at an earlier stage for not conforming to the norm, for example fruit which look “ugly”, which although perfectly healthy, is usually rejected and thrown away.

Foodwe wants to give Social and Economic value to Food Waste by helping farmers, producers, retailers to sell or donate to charity food that is still perfectly consumable but goes to waste today.

Interested to work or use Foodwe ? : www.foodwe.org – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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