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Food Waste Collab Paris
Wednesday 27 May 2015, 08:30am - 04:30pm


Throughout Europe there are more and more social innovators fighting food waste. They generate new ideas and methods that are practical, easy to replicate and business tested. These food surplus entrepreneurs developed various types of activities to tackle food waste throughout the supply chain: prevention of food waste at the source, awareness-raising towards consumers, processing of food surplus into a product or delicious meal and redistribution of food surplus to people in need.

On Wednesday 27 May the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs (FSE) Network and FUSIONS brings these pioneers together in Paris. The Food Waste Collab Paris offers these changemakers a platform to broadcast their innovations to policy makers, industry and researchers. Following workshops will be organized:
1. Business models to fight food waste. Successful social innovators use very different business models. What are the critical success factors in designing a working business model to fight food waste?
2. Designing an ecosystem to reduce food waste. Throughout Europe there are various types of food surplus entrepreneurs working to tackle food waste. What are synergies between these social innovators? How could they collaborate to scale up their impacts?
3. Needs and priorities to support social innovators on food waste. What formats, platforms and events could best facilitate collaboration and exchange of best-practices? How could we create visibility for their social innovations? How could we encourage replication of their concepts?

The Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network ( is the European community bringing together social innovators fighting food waste. This will be the second Food Waste Collab taking place – the first one was a simultaneous event in 4 European cities: Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Vienna. The FSE Network operates on two levels:

– A virtual, pan-European platform which connects social innovators from across Europe to share best practices and build an active and mutually supporting community.
– Local communities where social innovators meet regularly to build lasting relationships, share their challenges and co-create / co-implement solutions to increase their effectiveness, profitability and impact. The FSE Network has local community hubs in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, which were launched through collaborative events.

The Food Waste Collab Paris is the second of two successive international events on food waste in Paris co-organized by FUSIONS. On 26 May, FUSIONS members gather in Paris for a regional platform meeting – the event is open to non-members too. More information on the FUSIONS RPM to be found here. FUSIONS is the European research project on food waste and social innovation. FUSIONS works towards a more resource efficient Europe by significantly reducing food waste.

Practical details
– Registration: please fill out the form on this page – be quick, places are limited!
– Time: 27 May 2015, 8h30-16h30
– Place: Paris – exact location to be confirmed
– Price: Participation is free of charge

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